9using the stylus – Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Basic operations of your Sony CLIÉ Handheld


Using the stylus


Just as you can drag the mouse to select (and drag) text or move objects on
your computer, you can also use the stylus to drag an item on the screen of
your CLIÉ handheld. Press the stylus lightly on the item and move it along
the screen surface.

Examples of dragging:

To display data above or below the current viewing area on the screen, use
the stylus to drag the slider of any scroll bar.
To select multiple characters or items together, use the stylus to drag along
the desired characters or items.

On full-screen dragging

By default, full-screen dragging from the bottom of the writing area to the
top of the screen displays the Graffiti


Help on the screen. You can assign

the full-screen dragging to another activity. See page 158 for details.

Touch the desired item on the screen
with the stylus and move it along the
screen surface (drag).

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