Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

Page 94

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Using basic applications


Performing common tasks


Tap Off & Lock.

Your CLIÉ handheld is turned off and locked.
To start your CLIÉ handheld, turn it on and enter the password.

Setting your CLIÉ handheld to lock automatically

You can set your CLIÉ handheld to lock whenever you turn it off.


Back up your data and assign a password.

Follow the steps described in “Assigning a password.”


Tap Never.

The Password screen appears.


Enter your password, and tap OK.

The Lock Handheld screen appears.


Tap your choice from the list.

Never: Your CLIÉ handheld will not lock automatically. To lock it

manually, you must tap Lock & Turn Off in the Security screen.

On power off: Your CLIÉ handheld will lock when it is turned off.
At a preset time: The Set Time dialog box appears. Set a time so your

CLIÉ handheld will lock at that preset time.

After a preset delay: Set your CLIÉ handheld to lock if inactive for a

preset time. Enter the time, and tap the arrow V next to it to select
minute(s) or hour(s).


Tap OK.

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