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Customizing your Sony CLIÉ Handheld (Preferences)

Selecting a connection

Use the Connection setting to select the method you want to use to connect
to your Internet Service Provider or a dial-in server.

On the Network Preferences screen, tap the arrow V next to
Connection and select Standard Modem.

Adding telephone settings

When you select the Phone field, your CLIÉ handheld opens a dialog box in
which you define the telephone number you use to connect with your ISP or
dial-in server. In addition, you can also define a prefix, disable Call Waiting,
and give special instructions for using a calling card.


The Phone Setup dialog box works correctly for AT&T and Sprint long-distance
services. However, because MCI works differently, MCI customers need to put the
calling card number in the Phone # field and the phone number in the Use calling card


On the Network Preferences screen, tap the Phone field.

The Phone Setup screen appears.


Enter the phone number for your ISP or dial-in server in the
Phone# field.


Change the following settings if necessary:


Enter the telephone number used to access the modem.
If necessary, enter a dial prefix (such as “9”) to access an outside
line, and tap the Dial prefix check box. You can enter a comma in
the field to introduce a “pause” in the dialing sequence. Each
comma equals a two second pause.

Changing the Network preferences

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