95 performing common tasks – Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Using basic applications


Performing common tasks

Making records private

In all basic applications, you can make individual records private. Private
records remain visible and accessible, until you select the Security setting to
hide all private records.

To mask or hide private records

You can mask or hide your private records. To view the masked or hidden
records, you need to enter the password.


Rotate the Jog Dial navigator to select Security or tap the

icon on the Application Launcher screen.

The Security screen appears.


Tap the arrow V next to Current Privacy to select Mask Records
or Hide Records from the drop-down list.

Mask Records: Masked records appear as grey placeholders in their

position with a lock mark.

Hide Records: Hidden records disappear completely from the screen.


Tap OK.

To display private records

In step 2, select Show Records.
If you have a password, the Show Records screen appears. Enter the
password and tap OK.

When you select Hide Records

When you select Mask Records

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