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Exchanging and updating data using a HotSync




Advanced HotSync



Conducting a HotSync operation via modem

You can use a modem to synchronize your CLIÉ handheld when you are
away from your computer. A HotSync


operation via modem allows you to

back up your CLIÉ data to your computer away from your computer.


• The first HotSync operation must be local, using the cradle. After that, you can

perform a modem HotSync operation.

• It may take many minutes to complete a HotSync operation via modem. To minimize

the time required to synchronize data with a modem, define the files and/or
applications you synchronize during a modem HotSync operation in advance. For
details, see “To select the conduits for a modem HotSync operation” on page 117.

Before you start performing a HotSync operation via modem

Verify the following:

• A modem or terminal adapter is connected to your computer.

• The Palm Desktop for CLIÉ software is properly configured for use with

the modem.



A HotSync operation
with the PC at home

Your CLIÉ handheld
away from your PC

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