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Using Basic applications


Managing schedules and events (Date Book)


Start/End Time: Defines the start and end times for

Date Book screens. If the time slots you select do not
fit on one screen, you can tap the scroll arrows to
scroll up and down.

Alarm Preset: Automatically sets an alarm for each

new event. The silent alarm for untimed events is
defined by minutes, days, or hours before midnight of
the date of the event.

Alarm Sound: Sets the tone of the alarm. If you

import a tone of your choice to your CLIÉ handheld
using the Sound Converter software, they will appear
here in the menu for Alarm Sound. For details, see the
Add-on Application Guide.

Remind Me: Defines how many times the alarm

sounds. The choices are Once, Twice, 3 Times, 5
Times, and 10 Times.

Play Every: Defines how often the alarm sounds. The

choices are a Minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 30

Display Options

Changes the Date Book’s appearance and which events
• Show Time Bars: Activates the time bars that appear

in the Day view. The time bars show the duration of
an event and illustrate event conflicts.

• Compress Day View: Controls how times appear in

the Day view. When Compress Day view is off, all
time slots are displayed. When it is on, start and end
times display for each event, but blank time slots
toward the bottom of the screen disappear to
minimize scrolling.

Month View settings: These check boxes apply to the

Month view of Date Book. You can activate any or all
of these settings to show that you have Timed,
Untimed, or Daily Repeating events in the Month
view only.

Phone Lookup

The Phone Number Lookup screen appears. If there is an
Address Book entry, you can look up the phone number
of the selected item.


Hides the current item unless the password is entered.
You can select the view option among Show Records,
Mask Records, or Hide Records.

About Date Book

Shows version information for Date Book.

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