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Customizing your Sony CLIÉ Handheld (Preferences)

Adding detailed information to a service template

If you are using one of the predefined service templates, you probably only
need to enter your user name and telephone number. If you are creating a
new service template, you may need to provide additional information to
your ISP or dial-in server. You use the Details dialog box to add additional
information to a selected service template.

To select a connection type


On the Network Preferences screen, tap the service field.


Tap Details.

The Details screen is displayed.


Tap the arrow V next to Connection type and select one of
the following connection types.

PPP: Point-to-Point protocol
SLIP: Serial Line Internet Protocol
CSLIP: Compressed Serial Line Internet Protocol


If you are not sure, try PPP; if that doesn’t work, ask your Internet Service
Provider or your System Administrator for the correct connection type.


Tap the arrow V next to Idle timeout and select one of the
following options.

1 minute: Waits one minute for you to open another application before

it drops the connection.

2 minutes: Waits two minutes.
3 minutes: Waits three minutes.
Never: Keeps your PPP or SLIP connection until you turn off your

CLIÉ handheld (or until it times out).
Note that this option will be more costly than others.


Tap the Query DNS check box to deselect it.

Changing the Network preferences

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