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Using Basic applications


Managing schedules and events (Date Book)


You can also use the scroll button on the front panel to move forward or backward one
day or one month at a time.

To schedule an untimed event

In step 3, tap New and then tap No Time. Then follow the steps for
“Scheduling an event for the current date.”


You can create a new untimed event by making sure no event is selected and then
writing letters in the Graffiti writing area. When you start writing, the untimed event
appears at the top of the screen.

Scheduling repeating or continuous events

The Repeat function lets you schedule events that recur at regular intervals
or extend over a period of consecutive days.

Examples of repeating or continuous events

Birthday: an event that repeats annually

Weekly guitar lesson: an event that falls on the same day of the week and

the same time of day

Business trip or vacation: a continuous event


Press the Date Book

button on the front panel.

Date Book starts up.


Tap the description of the event.


Tap Details.

The Event Details dialog box appears.

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