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Using Basic applications


Managing schedules and events (Date Book)

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Using the Date Book menus

This section describes the menu commands specific to Date Book. For the
Edit menu, see “Using the Edit menu” on page 98.

Record menus

New Event

Creates a new event. The Set Time dialog box for
selecting the start and end times is displayed.

Delete Event

Deletes the currently selected event. The Delete Event
dialog box appears.

Attach Note

Attaches notes to the current event. A dialog box for
entering comments appears.

Delete Note

Deletes notes from the current event. The Delete Note
dialog box is displayed.


You can specify a certain period based on the current
date and discard any events that were formed before the
specified date. Use this function to save memory space.


• A reoccurring event will not be deleted.
• By default, the events that you purge will be saved in

the Palm Desktop for CLIÉ software on your
computer at the next HotSync


operation. To delete

the events completely, deselect the check box (

) for

“Save archive copy on PC” in the Purge dialog box.

Beam Event

Sends the current event to another CLIÉ handheld via the
infrared communications port.

Options menus


You can select a desired font in the Select Font dialog

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