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Basic operations of your Sony CLIÉ Handheld


Entering data into your Sony CLIÉ Handheld


You must begin the character strokes in the Graffiti writing area. If you do not
make Graffiti strokes in the Graffiti writing area, your CLIÉ handheld does not
recognize them as text characters.


• Accuracy improves when you write large characters. You should draw strokes that

nearly fill the Graffiti writing area.

• To delete characters, simply set the insertion point to the right of the character you

want to delete and make the backspace stroke (a line from right to left) in the Graffiti
writing area.

• Write at natural speed. Writing too slowly can generate recognition errors.
• Do not write on a slant. Vertical strokes should be parallel to the sides of the Graffiti

writing area.

• Press firmly.

To display the Graffiti onscreen help

Drag the stylus from the bottom of the writing area to the top of the screen. Graffiti
Help opens a series of screens that show the complete Graffiti character set.

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