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Using basic applications


Performing common tasks

Categorizing records

You can categorize records in Address Book, To Do List, and Memo Pad
applications for easy retrieval. (Date Book does not have categories.) When
you create a record, it is automatically assigned to the currently displayed
category. For example, if the All category is displayed, the record is assigned
to the Unfiled category. A record can remain unfiled or it can be assigned to
a category at any time.

System-defined and user-defined categories

By default, your CLIÉ handheld includes system-defined categories, such as
All and Unfiled, and user-defined categories, such as Business and Personal.
You cannot modify the system-defined categories, but you can rename or
delete the user-defined categories. In addition, you can create your own
user-defined categories. You can have a maximum of 15 user-defined
categories in each application.


Address Book contains the QuickList user-defined category, in which you can store the
names, addresses, and phone numbers that you might need in emergencies (doctors,
fire department, lawyers, etc.).

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