Checking schedules – Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Using Basic applications


Managing schedules and events (Date Book)

Checking schedules

Displaying the Day view

You can display and check the events for a specific day.


Press the Date Book

button on the front panel.

Date Book starts. Today’s schedule is displayed.


Rotate the Jog Dial

navigator to display the events for

yesterday or tomorrow.

You can display the schedule for a specific day and time.

To change the Date Book view

In addition to displaying the time list for a specific day, you can also display
a whole week, a month, or an agenda.
To display the next view, press the Jog Dial navigator repeatedly.


You can also select the Date Book view by tapping an icon on the Date Book screen.
Tap one of the following icons to rotate to the corresponding calendar view:

: Day view

: Week view

: Month view

: Agenda view

Tap the desired view icon.

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