Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

Page 43

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Using Basic applications


Managing schedules and events (Date Book)

Setting an alarm for an untimed event

You can set a silent alarm for an untimed event. In this case, the alarm
triggers at the specified period of minutes, hours, or days before midnight
(beginning) of the day of the untimed event. No audible alarm sounds for an
untimed event. The reminder message appears onscreen instead.

Example: When you set an alarm for an untimed event that occurs on
February 4 and if the alarm is set for 5 minutes, the reminder message
appears at 11:55 PM on the night of February 3. The reminder remains
onscreen until you turn on your handheld and tap OK to erase it.

Making an event private

You can hide records that you mark as private. If you define a password for
your CLIÉ handheld, you must enter it to display private records.


On the Date Book screen, tap the event you want to mark as


Tap Details.

The Event Details dialog box appears.


Tap the Private check box.


Tap OK.

The event is marked as private. For hiding or masking private events, see
“Protecting your data (Security)” on page 90.

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