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When someone beams data to my CLIÉ handheld, I get a
message telling me it is out of memory.

, Your CLIÉ handheld requires a memory space of at least

approximately 1.1 times the data size that you are receiving.

, Perform a soft reset. See “Resetting your Sony CLIÉ Handheld”

(page 24) for more information.

I cannot beam the Address Book data.

, You cannot beam images to a Palm OS PDA other than a Sony CLIÉ


Recharging problems

When I place my CLIÉ handheld on the cradle, it does not

Confirm that:

, Your CLIÉ handheld is well seated in the cradle.

, Your cradle is plugged into an AC power adapter.

, You are using the cradle and AC adapter that came with your CLIÉ


, Your CLIÉ handheld is turned off; otherwise, it will not fully charge.

Troubleshooting – Frequently Asked Questions

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