Backing up data of your sony clié handheld – Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Backing up data of your Sony CLIÉ Handheld

Restoring back-up data and applications to your CLIÉ handheld


When you restore (copy) back-up data and applications to your CLIÉ handheld, the
data currently saved in your CLIÉ handheld will be overwritten with the back-up data.
Any data created or edited after you saved the back-up will be erased.

Insert Memory Stick media storing the back-up data into your CLIÉ
handheld and use the MS Gate application to copy the data to your CLIÉ
handheld. For details, see “Copying data in Memory Stick media to your CLIÉ
handheld” on page 145.
If an overwrite confirm message is displayed, tap Yes to all.


• If a delete or access error message is displayed while copying files, tap OK to

proceed to the next step in copying. Those files, however, will not be copied.

• Depending on the application configurations or file protection status, some

necessary files may not be copied. In such a case, an application may not function

• Some applications are not designed to be backed up. Therefore, you may not be able

to restore some applications and data. It is recommended that you re-install those

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