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Customizing your Sony CLIÉ Handheld (Preferences)


Enter the IP address for the Primary and Secondary DNS
(Domain Naming System).

Ask your Internet Service Provider or System Administrator for the
correct Primary or Secondary DNS IP numbers.


If you need to enter the CLIÉ handheld’s IP Address, tap the IP
Address check box to deselect it and display a permanent IP
address field below the check box.

Normally, you do not have to enter this IP address. If you are not sure,
select Automatic and go to step 9.


Enter the CLIÉ handheld`s IP Address.


Tap OK.

Creating log in scripts

A log in script is a series of commands that automates logging in to a
network server, such as your corporate network or your Internet Service
Provider (ISP). A log in script is something that you are likely to receive
from your IS System Administrator, if your company has a system in which
you log in to the corporate servers from your CLIÉ handheld using a modem
or network connection.


You can also use non-ASCII and literal characters in your log in script. For more
information, see page 181.


On the Network Preferences screen, tap the service field.


Tap Details.

The Details screen is displayed.


Tap Script.

The Log in Script screen is displayed.

Changing the Network preferences

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