Troubleshooting – frequently asked questions – Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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My CLIÉ handheld keeps turning itself off.

, Your CLIÉ handheld is designed to turn itself off after a period of

inactivity. This period can be set at one, two, or three minutes. See
“Setting the automatic shut-off time” (page 166).

My CLIÉ handheld is not making any sounds.

, Check the System Sound setting. See “Setting sounds” (page 167).

My CLIÉ handheld has frozen.

, Perform a soft reset. See “Resetting your Sony CLIÉ Handheld”

(page 24).

I cannot use the Jog Dial navigator.

, Check that the JogAssist feature is activated. See “Changing the Jog

Dial™ navigator preferences” (page 160).

An error message is displayed repeatedly.

, Follow the instructions of the message.

Troubleshooting – Frequently Asked Questions

Backlight does not turn on when I am adjusting the
brightness level.

, When you are adjusting the brightness level, the LCD backlight turns

on. When the brightness is set to the lowest level, the backlight does
not turn on, but this is not a malfunction.

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