Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Repeat steps 3 through 5 to export data of other


Click the user name of your new CLIÉ handheld from the User
name list in the upper right of the screen.

If you have never performed a HotSync operation with your new CLIÉ
handheld, select Users from the Tools menu. Click New in the Users
screen and enter a new user name. Then select that new user name.


Click Import from the File menu.


Select the files you have exported in steps 3 through 6 and
click Open.


Place your new CLIÉ handheld on the cradle and perform a
HotSync operation.

The data exported from your old CLIÉ handheld is copied onto your new
CLIÉ handheld.

Notes on a HotSync operation
• Do not attempt to transfer data from your old CLIÉ handheld to your new CLIÉ

handheld by performing HotSync operations with the identical user name. Doing so
may cause a malfunction.

• When you perform a HotSync operation with your new CLIÉ handheld and the

New User dialog box is displayed, enter a different user name from that of your old
CLIÉ handheld. If you enter the identical user name, the Palm Desktop for CLIÉ
software may not be able to recognize the difference between your CLIÉ handhelds
and the data of both handhelds may be mixed up or deleted.

• If you copy UnsavedPreference, the user name is also copied. This prevents you

from managing the two CLIÉ handhelds with different user names.

Using data of another Sony CLIÉ Handheld

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