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Application problems

I tapped the Today button, but it does not show the correct

, Your CLIÉ handheld is not set to the current date. Make sure the Set

Date box in the Date & Time Preferences screen displays the current
date. See “Setting the Date & Time preferences” (page 163).

, Your CLIÉ handheld is not set to the correct time zone or the correct

daylight saving setting. Make sure the Set Time Zone box and the
Daylight Saving box in the Date & Time Preferences screen displays
the correct setting. See “Setting the Date & Time preferences” (page

I know I entered some records, but they do not appear in the

, Check the Categories drop-down list (upper-right corner). Choose

All to display all of the records for the application.

, Check Security and confirm that Current Privacy is set to Show


, In To Do List, tap Show and see if “Show Only Due Items” is selected.

I am having problems listing memos the way I want to see them.

, If you cannot manually arrange the order of the memos in the list

screen, check the Memo Preferences setting. Make sure that Sort by is
set to Manual.

, If you choose to view your memos alphabetically on the Palm™

Desktop for CLIÉ software and then perform a HotSync



the memos on your CLIÉ handheld still appear in the order defined
in the Memo Preferences setting, since the sort settings you use with
the Palm Desktop for CLIÉ software are not transferred to your CLIÉ

Troubleshooting – Frequently Asked Questions

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