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Customizing your Sony CLIÉ Handheld (Preferences)

The Owner Preferences screen enables you to record a name, company
name, or phone number, or any other information that you want to associate
with your CLIÉ handheld.
If you use the Security application to lock your CLIÉ handheld with a
password, the information that you enter in the Owner Preferences screen
appears the next time you turn on your CLIÉ handheld.


Tap Owner from the drop-down list on the Preferences

The Owner Preferences screen is displayed.


Enter your owner information.

If you enter more text than can fit on one screen, a scroll bar appears at
the right side of the screen.

To unlock the Owner Preferences screen

If you assigned a password in the Security application, the information in
the Owner Preferences screen cannot be changed. In this case, an Unlock
button is displayed at the bottom of the screen.


Tap Unlock.

The Unlock Message dialog box appears.


Enter your current password (the one you entered in the
Security application) and tap OK.

Entering owner information

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