Media – Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Communicating using your Sony CLIÉ Handheld


Using Memory Stick



Notes on using Memory Stick media

When you use Memory Stick media, follow these precautions:

• Avoid touching the terminal of Memory Stick media or contacting it with

a metal object.

• Do not drop, bend, or submit Memory Stick media to external shock.

• Do not disassemble or modify Memory Stick media.

• Avoid getting liquids on Memory Stick media.

• Avoid using or storing Memory Stick media in a location subject to:

– extremely high temperature such as the hot inside of a car, the

outdoors exposed to direct sunlight, or near a heater.

– direct sunlight

– high humidity

– corrosive substances

– excessive dust

– magnetic fields

• When storing and carrying Memory Stick media, keep it in its original case

to ensure protection of important data.

• Save a backup for important data.

• Avoid removing Memory Stick media from the insertion slot while data is

being written or read.

• To avoid damaging or erasing data, do not

– release Memory Stick media or unplug the AC power adapter while

formatting, or reading or writing data.

– use Memory Stick media in a location subject to static electricity or

electric noise.

• If the battery of your CLIÉ handheld is running out, an error message is

displayed and you cannot exchange data with Memory Stick media. If
this occurs, connect the AC power adapter or fully charge your CLIÉ

• Use the MS Gate application to format Memory Stick media you use in

your CLIÉ handheld. If you format it using another application, further
operation with your CLIÉ handheld is not guaranteed.

• If you insert Memory Stick media that has been formatted by another

application, a message prompting you to format it is displayed. To use
Memory Stick media in your CLIÉ handheld, follow the instructions to
format it. Note, however, that all stored data will be erased.

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