Resetting your sony clié handheld, Performing a soft reset – Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Basic operations of your Sony CLIÉ Handheld


Resetting your Sony CLIÉ Handheld

Under normal circumstances, you do not have to reset your CLIÉ handheld.
On rare occasions, however, your CLIÉ handheld may no longer respond to
buttons or the screen due to insufficient memory or other reasons. In this
case, you need to perform a reset to get your CLIÉ handheld running again.

Performing a soft reset

A soft reset tells your CLIÉ handheld to stop what it’s doing and start over
again. All records and entries stored in your CLIÉ handheld are retained in
a soft reset.


Take out the reset tip by unscrewing the metal barrel from
the stylus quill.


Use the reset tip to gently press the reset button inside the
hole on the back panel of your CLIÉ handheld.

The system shuts down and then restarts.
After restarting, the system displays “palm powered,” “CLIÉ,” and
“SONY,” followed by the preferences screen for setting the time and

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