Media – Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Communicating using your Sony CLIÉ Handheld


Using Memory Stick



To cancel formatting

Tap Cancel in step 3.

To format a Memory Stick media in the Card Info screen

You can also format a Memory Stick media by tapping the Menu

icon on

the Card Info screen, and selecting Format Card from the Card menu.

What is formatting?

Formatting defines the recording format for your Memory Stick media so that you can
access data with your CLIÉ handheld.


• If formatted, all the data previously recorded in Memory Stick media will be erased.

Make sure to check the data before formatting so that you do not delete important

• To use Memory Stick media on your CLIÉ handheld, format it in your CLIÉ

handheld. You may not be able to write or read properly on Memory Stick media
formatted by the computer.

• If you remove or insert Memory Stick media during initialization, your Memory Stick

media is not recognized by your computer. In this case, remove Memory Stick media,
reinsert it, and start formatting again.

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