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Backing up all CLIÉ data to a Memory Stick


media (using

the MS Backup application)

With the MS Backup application, you can back-up all the following CLIÉ
handheld application and data to a Memory Stick media with a single tap.
To separately back-up applications and data to the Memory Stick media, use
the MS Gate application (see page 188).

• Memo Pad data files
• Address Book data files
• To Do List data files
• Date Book data files
• Preferences data files
• Network Setup information
• Applications files that have been installed using a HotSync operation
• User information files when you perform a HotSync operation

Backing up data with the MS Backup application


When you back-up your CLIÉ data on a Memory Stick media, the data size of the back-
up may become larger than the total data size displayed in the MS Gate application.
This is not a malfunction. Make sure you have more space free on the Memory Stick
media than the displayed CLIÉ handheld data size before taking a back-up.


Insert a Memory Stick media into the Memory Stick slot.


Tap the Home



Rotate the Jog Dial navigator to select MS Backup and press
the Jog Dial navigator. Or tap the MS Backup


on the Application Launcher screen.

The MS Backup application starts up and the back-up list appears.




The Backup All Files dialog box appears.

Backing up data of your Sony CLIÉ Handheld

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