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Using basic applications


Performing common tasks

Finding records

Your CLIÉ handheld lets you find information by entering text in the Find
option dialog box or searching for a phone number using the Phone Lookup
option. These two options are available for all the basic CLIÉ applications.
Each application offers ways to find information:

Date Book, To Do List, Memo Pad: Phone Lookup displays the Address

List screen and lets you add the information that appears in this list to a

Address Book: The Look Up line lets you enter the first letters of a name

to scroll immediately to that name.

Using the Find option

The Find option lets you locate any text you specify in any application. For
example, if the text appears in Address Book and Date Book, the Find option
displays both occurrences in the Find dialog box.


Tap the Find


The Find dialog box appears.


Enter the text you want to find.

You can enter letters, symbols, or numbers.

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