Starting an application in memory stick media – Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Communicating using your Sony CLIÉ Handheld


Using Memory Stick



Starting an application in Memory Stick media

To open an application in the Memory Stick media from the Application
Launcher screen, tap the arrow V in the upper-right corner of the
Application Launcher screen and select Card (or a category with the Card
icon). Then, tap the icon of the application you want to open.


If the application you are about to open had been installed to the Memory Stick media
through a HotSync


operation, some Sony application may not start. For details, see

page 153.

Starting an application automatically when Memory Stick
media is inserted

The Memory Stick Autorun (MS Autorun) allows you to start a specified
application automatically when Memory Stick media is inserted into your
CLIÉ handheld. You can select your favorite application as the auto-run
application. For example, if you like watching still images, set PictureGear

Pocket to start automatically.
See the supplied Add-on Application Guide for details.

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