Media – Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Communicating using your Sony CLIÉ Handheld


Exchanging data via Memory Stick





The Copy File dialog box is displayed.


Tap OK.

The data selected in step 4 is copied to the default folder (“/PALM/
PROGRAMS/MSFILES“) in Memory Stick media.

To copy all the data at once

Tap Select All in step 4.

To cancel the selection

• To cancel all the selections, tap Clear All.

• To clear only specific items, tap one selected item at a time.

To change the destination folder

Tap the arrow V in the upper right corner to select MS from the drop-down
list. The contents of Memory Stick media are listed.


to select the destination folder. The folder display changes

and you can specify the destination folder.
You can only select a folder under the “PALM/PROGRAMS” or “PALM/
Launcher” folder. The other folders cannot be selected as destination.

Moving your CLIÉ handheld data to Memory Stick media

If your CLIÉ handheld is running out of memory space, move the data from
your CLIÉ handheld to Memory Stick media.

In step 5, tap Move.

The data on your CLIÉ handheld is deleted after saved on Memory Stick media.


When low battery error message is displayed while you are copying or moving data in
your CLIÉ handheld to Memory Stick media, data copying or moving may fail, leaving
invalid files in Memory Stick media. If this occurs, charge your CLIÉ handheld and try
copying or moving again. When an overwrite confirm message appears, tap Yes or Yes
to all.

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