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Exchanging and updating data using a HotSync




Advanced HotSync




Adjust the following options as needed.

Serial Port: Identifies the port for the modem. If you are unsure of the

port assignment, look at the Modem Properties in the Windows
Control Panel.

Speed: Determines the speed at which data is transferred. Try the “As

Fast As Possible” rate first, and adjust downward if you experience
problems. This setting allows the Palm Desktop for CLIÉ software and
your CLIÉ handheld to find and use the fastest speed.

Modem: Identifies the modem type or manufacturer. Refer to your

modem manual or face plate for its type or settings. If you are not sure
of your modem type or your modem does not match any that appear
in the list, select Hayes Basic.

Setup String: Identifies the setup string for your particular modem.

Not all modems require a setup string. Refer to your modem manual
and enter a setup string if recommended by the manufacturer.


Click OK.

Preparing your CLIÉ handheld

Follow the procedures below to prepare your CLIÉ handheld for a modem
HotSync operation.


Rotate the Jog Dial navigator to select HotSync and press the
Jog Dial navigator. Or tap the HotSync

icon on the

Application Launcher screen.

The HotSync dialog box appears.


Tap Modem.

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