Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Additional information

Backing up data of your Sony CLIÉ Handheld

Backing up CLIÉ handheld data to a Memory Stick media
using the MS Gate application

The MS Gate application allows you to save a back-up of the following data
of your CLIÉ handheld to Memory Stick media. (The file name after the
colon is the name displayed in the MS Gate application.)

• Address Book data files: AddressDB/Image Viewer Address Link
• Date Book data files: DatebookDB
• Memo Pad data files: MemoDB
• To Do List data files: ToDoDB
• Network setup information: NetworkDB
• Sound files: System MIDI Sounds (SMF format)/System ADPCM Sounds

(PCM format)

• Other application setting data files: SavedPreferences
• User information and other preferences data files: UnsavedPreferences

For details on how to use the MS Gate application, see “Copying your CLIÉ
handheld data to Memory Stick media” on page 143.


• Applications may not function properly if the necessary files are not backed up.
• Do not select Graffiti


ShortCuts, Net Prefs, and sonyres files, since they cannot be


• You cannot copy data marked with a lock


• You may not be able to back up full information since some data is locked or shared.

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