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Using basic applications


Using Calculator (Calc)

Using the Calculator buttons

Calculator has several buttons to help you perform calculations.


Clears the last number you entered. Use this button if
you make a mistake while entering a number in the
middle of a calculation. This button enables you to re-
enter the number without starting the calculation over.


Clears the entire calculation and enables you to begin a
new calculation.


Toggles the current number between a negative and
positive value. If you want to enter a negative number,
enter the number first and then press the +/– button.


Places the current number in memory. Each new number
you enter with the M+ button is added to the total stored
in memory. The number that you add can be either a
calculated value or any number you enter by pressing the
number buttons. Pressing this button has no effect on the
current calculation (or series of calculations); it merely
places the value into memory until it is recalled.


Recalls the stored value from memory and inserts it in
the current calculation.


Clears any value that is stored in the Calculator memory.

Calculates the square root of the entered number. Tap the
button after entering the number.

Using the Calculator menus

Copy, Paste

Copies a number from Calculator and pastes it into
another application. Similarly, you can also paste
numeric values you copied from another application
such as Memo Pad into Calculator.

Recent Calculations

You can review the last series of calculations.

About Calculator

Shows the version information for Calculator.

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