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Tapping and writing problems

When I tap the buttons or screen icons, my CLIÉ handheld
activates the wrong feature.

, Calibrate the screen. See “What you can do with Preferences”

(page 155).

When I tap the Menu icon, nothing happens.

, Not all applications or screens have menus. Try changing to a

different application.

I cannot get my CLIÉ handheld to recognize my handwriting.

, For your CLIÉ handheld to recognize handwriting input with the

stylus, you must use Graffiti


writing. See “Using Graffiti


writing to

enter data” (page 11).

, Make the Graffiti character strokes in the Graffiti writing area, not on

the display part of the screen.

, Write Graffiti strokes for letters on the left-hand side of the Graffiti

writing area, and the strokes for numbers on the right-hand side of
the same area.

, Make sure that Graffiti has not shifted into extended or punctuation

modes. See “Using Graffiti


writing to enter data” (page 11).

, For tips on successful Graffiti writing, see “Using Graffiti


writing to

enter data” (page 11).

Troubleshooting – Frequently Asked Questions

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