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Communicating using your Sony CLIÉ Handheld


Using Memory Stick



What is Memory Stick



Memory Stick


media is a new compact, portable and versatile Integrated

Circuit recording medium with a data capacity that exceeds a floppy disk.
Memory Stick media is specially designed for exchanging and sharing
digital data among Memory Stick media compatible products such as a
digital video camera. Because it is removable, Memory Stick media can also
be used for external data storage.
Memory Stick media allows you to exchange data between your CLIÉ
handheld and your computer or a digital camera that supports Memory
Stick media. To exchange data via Memory Stick media, your CLIÉ
handheld uses the supplied Memory Stick Gate (MS Gate) application.

Types of Memory Stick media

There are two types of Memory Stick media:

• MagicGate Memory Stick media, which is equipped with “MagicGate”

copyright protection technology. MagicGate Memory Stick media is
distinguished by the


• Memory Stick media, which is not equipped with “MagicGate” copyright

protection technology.

You can use both types of Memory Stick media with this CLIÉ handheld
(PEG-T615C/G or PEG-T415/G). Note, however, that your CLIÉ handheld does
not support the “MagicGate” copyright protection technology. You can use
a MagicGate Memory Stick media with your CLIÉ handheld as a standard
Memory Stick media.

Note on using MagicGate Memory Stick media

If you use the MS Gate application or Windows


Explorer to copy a protected file onto

a MagicGate Memory Stick media or if you handle a folder containing a protected file,
the file may be disabled. To handle copyright-protected files, use a “MagicGate”
compliant device such as Memory Stick Walkman


, or a Sony VAIO computer with

“MagicGate” compliant application such as OpenMG Jukebox.

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