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Password problems

I forgot the password, and my CLIÉ handheld is not locked.

, You can use Security to delete the password, but your CLIÉ

handheld deletes all records marked as private. To back up all data
including private records, perform a HotSync operation before you
delete the password. Then follow these steps to restore your private
records onto your CLIÉ handheld:


Perform a HotSync operation to back up your data.


Tap Forgotten Password in Security to remove the password and
delete all private records.


Perform a HotSync operation to synchronize your data and restore
the private records by transferring them from your computer to
your CLIÉ handheld.

I forgot the password and my CLIÉ handheld is locked.

, If you assign a password and lock your CLIÉ handheld, you must perform

a hard reset to continue using your CLIÉ handheld. See “Resetting your
Sony CLIÉ Handheld” (page 24) for more information.

Troubleshooting – Frequently Asked Questions

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