Performing common tasks, Using the application launcher – Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Using basic applications


Performing common tasks

This section describes how to perform tasks that you can do in most or all of
the basic applications.

Using the Application Launcher

This section describes how to switch between applications, how to change
application settings so they are customized to your work methods, and how
to categorize applications so you view them in related groups.


To open the Application Launcher screen, tap the Home


In addition to providing a way for you to open applications, the Application Launcher
screen displays the current time, battery level, and the application category.

Selecting applications

To open an application, choose from the following options:

• Tap the icon of the application you want to open. If you have many

applications installed on your CLIÉ handheld, tap the scroll bar to see all
the available applications.

• Rotate the Jog Dial

navigator to select the application. Push the Jog Dial

navigator to launch the selected application.

• Press an application button

, ,

, or

on the front panel to display

the selected application immediately.

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