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Battery considerations

Follow these precautions when you charge your CLIÉ handheld.

On charging

• It takes approximately four hours to charge your CLIÉ handheld when

the battery is empty.

• If you charge your CLIÉ handheld every day, it takes only a few minutes

to charge the battery.

• You can operate your CLIÉ handheld while it is being charged.

On the battery life

• With a fully-charged battery, you can use your CLIÉ handheld for:

– approximately 12 days, 30 minutes each day (PEG-T615C/G),
– approximately 15 days, 30 minutes each day (PEG-T415/G).

• Battery life varies depending on the conditions and environment where

you use your CLIÉ handheld.

• If the battery in your CLIÉ handheld is fully discharged, all data stored

on the SDRAM (memory) is lost. In such a case, performing a HotSync


operation once the battery is recharged can restore information saved on
your computer (from the last HotSync operation) to your CLIÉ handheld.
For details, see “Backing up data to your computer through a HotSync


operation” on page 185.

Tips on conserving the battery

• Turn off the backlight under good lighting conditions. For turning off the

backlight, see “Adjusting the screen” on page 23.

• Change the automatic shut-off time setting so that your CLIÉ handheld

will automatically turn off after a short period of inactivity. For details,
see “Setting the automatic shut-off time” on page 166.


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