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Troubleshooting –

Frequently Asked Questions

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This section describes how to solve common problems you may encounter
when using your CLIÉ handheld. Many problems have simple solutions, so
try these suggestions before you call Technical Help desk.


Thousands of third-party add-on applications are available for the Palm OS



Sony does not support third-party applications. If you have a problem with a third-
party application, contact the developer or publisher of that software.

Operating problems

I do not see anything on my CLIÉ handheld's screen.

, Recharge your CLIÉ handheld. If your CLIÉ handheld still does not

operate, try a soft reset. See “Resetting your Sony CLIÉ Handheld”
(page 24).

I get a warning message telling me my CLIÉ handheld’s
memory is full.

, Purge records from Date Book and To Do List. This deletes To Do

List items and past Date Book events from the memory of your CLIÉ

, Delete unused address entries, memos and records. If necessary, you

can save a backup for these records. See explanations for each

, If you have installed additional applications on your CLIÉ handheld,

remove them to recover memory. See “Removing add-on
applications” in the Read This First manual.

, Some applications may not operate properly if the memory is


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