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Using basic applications


Performing common tasks

Locking your CLIÉ handheld with a password

You can lock your CLIÉ handheld so that you have to enter your password
to operate it.


If you lock your CLIÉ handheld, you must enter the exact password to restart your CLIÉ
handheld. If you forget the password, you must perform a hard reset to resume using your
CLIÉ handheld. Performing a hard reset deletes all the records in your CLIÉ handheld;
however, you can restore all synchronized data at the next HotSync




Perform a HotSync operation to synchronize the data
between your CLIÉ handheld and your computer.

See “Chapter 3: Exchanging and updating data using a HotSync


operation” for more information.


Assign a password and a hint to remember it.

Follow the steps described in “Assigning a password.”


Rotate the Jog Dial navigator to select Security and press the
Jog Dial navigator. Or tap the Security

icon on the

Application Launcher screen.

The Security screen appears.


Tap Lock & Turn Off.

The System Lockout dialog box appears.

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