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I created an event in Date Book, but it does not appear in the
Week view.

, In the Week view, you cannot select overlapping events that have the

same start time. If you have two or more events with the same start
time, choose the Day view to see overlapping events.

I cannot find an image pasted in an Address Book entry.

, If you use the Palm Desktop for CLIÉ software to change the

category of the Address Book entry, you may not be able to locate the
pasted image on your CLIÉ handheld. Change the category on your
CLIÉ handheld.

I cannot start applications installed in the Memory Stick

, In order to open such applications from the Application Launcher

screen, a memory space exceeding the application size must be kept
free on your CLIÉ handheld.

, Check if the application files or data files (such as image files)

essential to starting the applications are stored under the “/PALM/
Launcher/” directory of the Memory Stick media. If so, the CLIÉ
handheld may not be able to access the data files or application files.
Copy or move the file data to the CLIÉ handheld using the MS Gate
application (page 145, 147).

, Verify that you installed application or data from your computer to

the CLIÉ handheld by a HotSync operation, and selected Memory
Stick as their destination. If you did, copy or move the data to your
CLIÉ handheld (page 145, 147).

Troubleshooting – Frequently Asked Questions

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