Changing the network preferences, Selecting a service – Sony PEG-T415G User Manual

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Customizing your Sony CLIÉ Handheld (Preferences)

In order to use your CLIÉ handheld with a network (such as using the Web
Clipping application or performing a network HotSync


operation), you

must set the Network Preferences settings.


The Network settings preferences provides the ability to connect to your ISP (Internet
Service Provider) or dial-in (remote access) server with applications (e.g.Web Clipping)
that allow you to view the transmitted data.

Selecting a service

Use the Service setting to select the service template for your Internet
Service Provider or a dial-in server. Service templates are a set of ISP and
dial-in server configuration settings that you can create, save, and reuse.


Tap Network from the drop-down list on the Preferences

The Network Preferences screen is displayed.


Tap the arrow V next to Service and select the predefined
service template you want to use.

Changing the Network preferences

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