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Using basic applications


Creating memos (Memo Pad)

Using the Memo Pad menus

This section describes the menu commands specific to Memo Pad. For the
Edit menu, see “Using the Edit menu” on page 98. The Record and Options
menus differ depending on the screen displayed.

Record menus

Beam Category

Sends all the memos in the currently selected category to
another CLIÉ handheld via the infrared communications

New Memo

Creates a new memo.

Delete Memo

Deletes the current memo. The Delete Memo dialog box


By default, the memos that you delete will be saved onto
the Palm Desktop for CLIÉ software on your computer
during the next HotSync


operation. To delete the memos

completely, deselect the check box (

) for “Save archive

copy on PC” in the Delete Memo dialog box.

Beam Memo

Sends the current memo to another CLIÉ handheld via
the infrared communications port.

The Options menus


You can select a desired font in the Select Font dialog

Phone Lookup

Phone Number Lookup screen appears. If there is an
Address Book entry, you can look up the phone number
of the selected memo.


Specifies how the memos are displayed. The Memo
Preferences screen appears.


Hides the current memo unless the password is entered.
You can select the view option among Show Records,
Mask Records, or Hide Records.

About Memo Pad

Shows the version information for Memo Pad.

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