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Device Settings

Printer Driver


Auto Configure

Auto Configure detects the devices installed on a printing system that is
connected over a network. Auto Configure can detect input devices, output
devices, storage devices, memory, and RAM disk size. When your computer is
connected to the printing system through a TCP/IP or WSD port, the Auto
button appears in Device Settings. Auto Configure updates the
Device options list, Memory, RAM disk, and overview images to keep the
printer driver consistent with the printing system configuration. Auto Configure
varies by operating system.

Not all installed devices are detected by using Auto Configure. Before
selecting OK in Device Settings, check the settings to make sure that they are

Note: The default setting for Windows XP Service Pack 2 is for the Windows
Firewall to be set to On. The setting can be changed to allow communication
between the printing system and your computer. In the Windows Security
dialog box, click Unblock.

Silent Auto Configuration

Silent auto configuration checks the printing system every 10 minutes for
changes in optional devices or memory. When a change is detected, the driver
is automatically updated with the new settings. Silent auto configuration is
only available for printer drivers installed in Windows Vista, and later.

In a client/server environment, this feature is unavailable to a client logged in as
a restricted user.

Enabling Auto Configuration


Verify that all optional devices are attached to the printing system, and that it is
turned on and ready to print.


In Device Settings, click Auto Configure.

In Windows XP, the driver settings are updated immediately.

In Windows Vista and later, the Auto Configure dialog box opens. Select from
Auto configure options:

Auto Configure Now

Click the button at any time to retrieve the current settings from the printing
system. It is recommended to do this when Silent auto configuration is
turned off.

Silent auto configuration

Select to let the driver check the printing system at every occurrence of a
fixed time period. The driver regularly checks for any changes in optional
devices or memory.


Click OK in all dialog boxes.


Memory is the amount of standard and optional memory installed in the printing
system. To maximize the downloading of printing system fonts, the driver must
be set to match the total printing system memory. By default, the Memory
setting matches the standard memory in the printing system. Depending on