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Device Settings

User Guide


Spacing setting in the Add Watermark and Edit Watermark dialog boxes in
the Advanced tab.

Poster settings and Gutter settings in the Layout tab.

Selecting a Unit of Measurement


In Device Settings > User, select Inches or Millimeters.


Click OK in all dialog boxes.

Language Preference

The Language preference option specifies the user interface language of
Device Settings in Properties and all tabs of Printing Preferences.

Available languages vary depending on your locale and your computer settings.

Setting Language Preference


In Device Settings > User, select the desired language from the Select


Click OK in all dialog boxes.

Page Description Languages (PDL)

With Page Description Languages (PDL), you can specify the contents and
layout of a printed page. In Device Settings, you can choose from PCL XL
(Printer Command Language XL), PCL 5e, KPDL (Kyocera Page Description
Language), or PDF (Portable Document Format). To add PDF to the list of PDL
choices, you must install the Output to PDF plug-in. The printer default is PCL
, which is suitable for most printing purposes.

After you select a PDL, the selection appears in the lower corner of the overview
image in Device Settings and in all Printing Preferences tabs. You can
change the PDL temporarily from any Printing Preferences tab.

In GDI compatible mode, vector graphics are rasterized for printing as bitmap
images. Use the GDI compatible mode option to improve the output quality of
the graphic created by the application.

In a client/server environment, this feature is unavailable to a client logged in as
a restricted user.

If your application supports the XML Print Specification, then XPS printing can
be performed after installing the XPS driver. With the XPS driver, the only
available PDL is XPS.

PDL Options

The PDL options, available in the Page Description Languages (PDL) dialog
box, are accessed in Device Settings.


The most recent version of HP PCL and PCL 6. This PDL includes PCL 5e
features. PCL XL lacks backward compatibility with earlier PCL versions,
though it is enhanced over PCL 5e in these areas:

Reduced file size

Better print speed