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Device Settings

Printer Driver


Select the check box to use the same file name plus the current date and
time whenever the file is saved. Clear the check box to replace an existing
file, if a file with the same name already exists.

Printing and Saving to XPS


In Device Settings > PDL, click XPS Settings.


In the XPS Settings dialog box, under Print and save options, select whether
to print or save or both.


If a save option is selected in step 2, select additional folder options.


Click OK in all dialog boxes.


Open and print the document.


Name and save the XPS file.

Compatibility Settings

With Compatibility Settings, you can specify media source values, override
the application's Collate setting, and combine the Source and Media type lists
in the Basic tab.

In a client/server environment, this feature is unavailable to a client logged in as
a restricted user.

You can restore all the options in the Compatibility Settings dialog box to the
default by clicking Reset.

Media Source Enumeration

Media source enumeration supports compatibility for media source values
unique to the printer driver, such as those for cassettes or feeders. Your newly
installed printer driver maintains identical media source support with the driver it
replaces, whether for this driver or one from another manufacturer. If media
source macros exist for the older driver, then the alignment of media source
values maintains support without the need to change the macros.

Use the Driver Info utility (\Utility\Driver Info\DrvInfo.exe) to compare the
source values for all installed drivers.

If the values for a given media source differ between printer drivers, you can
reassign an enumerated value to create a match between the drivers.

Setting Media Sources


In Device Settings > Compatibility, from the Media source enumeration list
select the paper supply method. The current value is listed in the Enumerated


Type an Enumerated value for the media source, and click Apply. To align
settings with a different driver, this value should align with those in the other


Click OK in all dialog boxes.