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Page 29: Job accounting options -10

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Device Settings

Printer Driver



Select a User Login option:

Use specific name

Prompt for name

If you select the Use specific name or Prompt for name option, proceed to
step 5.

Note: The remaining User Login options become available when you create
a login user name list.


Under the Login user name list, click the buttons to view and manage the list.


Select from the remaining User Login options:

Prompt for name and validate

Validate user name (computer) or prompt for login user name


Click OK in all dialog boxes.


Print the document from the application.


When the Print Options or Identity Settings dialog box appears, type or select
a name and password, and click OK.

Job Accounting

Job accounting gives an administrator control of a printing system. Selections
vary by printing system model. With Job accounting, account IDs
(identification numbers) can be assigned to users or departments. A specific
account ID can be assigned, and then required before printing. After account
IDs are created, from the printing system operation panel you can view the
number of copies associated with a specific ID, as well as limit the number of
copies for individual IDs. Account IDs can be a maximum of 8 digits.


Job accounting must be enabled on the printing system. A maximum

of 100 account IDs can be assigned on the printing system and stored in the
printer driver.

In a client/server environment, some options are unavailable to a client

For a restricted user in a client/server environment, the Administrator button in
Device Settings becomes the Identity button. A user can enter Job Accounting
data in the Identity Settings dialog box.

Job Accounting Options

Job accounting supports the following options:

Use specific account ID

Select this option to track the print jobs of a user or group with an account ID.
It sends the account ID with each print job.

An administrator can restrict a user or group from changing their account ID
by using the Password protect administrator settings in the
Administrator Settings dialog box. When printing, the user can type a