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Printer Driver


Security Watermark

With the Security Watermark plug-in, you can print a nearly invisible image or
text against a background pattern. The security watermark appears only when
the printed page is photocopied. This helps to identify printed pages that should
not be photocopied, or to distinguish between original prints and photocopies.
Six standard security watermarks are available as text or image, and you can
create custom security watermark text.

The Optional Components Wizard offers the opportunity to install the
Security Watermark plug-in following installation of the printer driver.

Security Watermark is available in the Advanced tab when PCL XL is
selected as the PDL.

Any security watermark can be edited, though a limited number of options can
be changed for default security watermarks.

For models that support it, a notable security watermark feature is the
Document guard pattern, which prevents the document from being
photocopied, scanned, faxed, or printed from memory. If a scan, fax, or print
from memory is attempted, the process is stopped and a message appears on
the printing system's operation panel.

For a security watermark to be effective, it must be nearly invisible in a printed
page and clearly visible in a photocopied page. Because printing systems and
driver settings can vary, you must adjust the density and contrast before printing
a security watermark. This adjustment is also recommended when changing the
background pattern, replacing the toner or printing system, and after heavy
printing activity.

Selecting Security Watermark sets these driver features to the following

Watermark in the Advanced tab is set to None.

Resolution in Imaging > Print Quality > Custom > Custom Quality
is set to 600 dpi.

Kyocera image refinement in Imaging > Print Quality > Custom >
Custom Quality Settings is set to Off.

EcoPrint in Quick Print, Basic, or Imaging is set to Off.

Adjustment setting in the Imaging tab is set to None.

The reverse is also true. If these features are changed, then the Security
selection is set to None, and cannot be used.

The administrator can ensure that a security watermark is printed on all jobs by
selecting Device Settings > Administrator > Lock Settings, and then
selecting Security watermark.

Security watermark should be turned on before using Lock Settings. When
Security watermark is turned off, using Lock Settings makes Security
unavailable for all users.

Adding or Editing a Security Watermark


In Advanced > Security Watermark, click New to create a custom security

To edit a default or custom security watermark, select it from the list.


Under Security watermark name, type a name to a maximum of 39 characters.
A default security watermark cannot be renamed.