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Job storage (e-MPS) is unavailable when Net Manager is selected in Device
> Administrator > Net Manager.

Job Storage (e-MPS) options

Storage location

Access code

When job is

When job is
deleted from

Quick copy

SD Card


When sent from the

When printing
system is turned
off, or storage
device is full, or job
retention date has

Proof and hold

SD Card, RAM disk No

One print when job
is sent; remaining
prints later

When printing
system is turned
off, or job retention
date has passed

Private print

SD Card, RAM disk Yes

When access code
is entered at
operation panel

When printing
system is turned
off, or after printing,
or job retention
date has passed

Job storage

SD Card


When printed from
operation panel

When manually

Quick Copy

Quick copy is a Job storage (e-MPS) option that prints all copies of a print job
and stores the job temporarily on the storage device for reprinting later. This
feature is available when a storage device is installed and selected in Device

Quick copy is useful for printing the job again later in the day when you need
additional copies at short notice. You can set the number of additional copies
and print the job from the printing system’s operation panel without sending the
job again from the computer.

The number of Quick copy or Proof and hold jobs that can be stored is set at
the printing system’s operation panel. When the designated number of jobs is
reached, older jobs are replaced by new jobs. All Quick copy jobs are stored on
the storage device after printing. Jobs are deleted when the printing system is
turned off or the job retention date has passed. You can manually delete a job at
the operation panel.

Warning: A print job replaces a job on the storage device having the same
user name and job name. To prevent this, select Use job name + date and
under Overwrite job name.

Note: If you are using this feature with an SD card, clear the RAM disk check
box in Device Settings. The RAM disk settings in the device must also be
turned off.

Printing a Quick Copy Job


In the Job tab, click the Job storage (e-MPS) icon.