Pdl settings – Kyocera Ecosys m2040dn User Manual

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Device Settings

Printer Driver


Faster return to application

Supports Security watermark

Supports Line thinning

PCL 5e

Fully compatible with earlier PCL versions

Bidirectional communication support

Wide selection of fonts for use with Microsoft Windows applications

Complex graphics might not print as well

Start of the page/End of the page available in Prologue/Epilogue


KPDL is used when printing from applications that support PostScript 2 or 3.

An emulation of PostScript printing

Strong graphics reproduction

Print speeds may be slower than PCL 5e

Requires more printing system memory than PCL 5e

Enables native TrueType font downloading

Supports most Graphics settings options

EMF Spooling unavailable when Data passthrough is selected.


Output to PDF is a plug-in that lets you print or save documents from multiple
sources to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). The PDF format is
independent of the operating system and application software used to create

An alternative to existing commercial applications for creating PDF

Retains original document appearance

Can be viewed and printed on operating systems that display PDF content

Some driver features unavailable

PDL Settings

For some page description languages, additional settings are available in the
Page Description Languages (PDL) dialog box.

PCL XL Settings

Smart duplex printing

This option automatically keeps a sheet of paper from being sent through the
duplex unit if the sheet is only printed on one side. The duplex unit is
bypassed for the following types of print jobs: a one page document, one
page from a multi-page document, or a multi-page document that prints onto
a single sheet. Selecting this option can reduce wear on the mechanical
duplex unit, and result in comparatively faster printing times.

Skip blank pages

This option prevents the printing system from outputting any page that
contains no data, or that has, at most, one space character. Selecting this
option can save paper, and result in comparatively faster printing times. This