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10 Advanced

In the Advanced tab, you can choose special features that extend the
capabilities of the printing system.

Clicking Reset sets the EMF spooling check box back to the last setting you
made in the printer driver’s Printing Preferences. The Reset button is available
when accessing the printer driver from the application's Print dialog box.


With Prologue/Epilogue, you can insert a command file at the beginning of a
print job or at the end. The command file uses programming commands from
the printer resident PRESCRIBE language. The Product Library disk includes
a PRESCRIBE command language reference guide.

A command file is a set of instructions the printing system interprets to produce
a given output. For example, a Prologue/Epilogue command file may contain a
macro that places a graphic object such as a logo at the top of a letterhead
document. Or a heading can be added to carbon copies when using the Carbon
feature in the Basic tab.

A Prologue/Epilogue file must be available on your computer before it can be
added to a print job. To create this file, use a text editor like Windows Notepad.
You can edit a Prologue/Epilogue file on your computer by clicking Edit.
Editing and saving a command file replaces the contents of the existing local or
network file.