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Printer Driver


9 Job

In the Job tab, you can store print jobs in the memory installed in the printing
system. You can also select a Job name to use with Job storage features. You
can use this tab to set or change the default settings that apply when you print a
document from a Microsoft Windows application. Selections vary by printing
system model.

To return to the original settings, click Reset. The Reset button is available
when accessing the printer driver from the application's Print dialog box.

An administrator can ensure that all jobs are stored or printed with the selected
Job tab settings by selecting Device Settings > Administrator > Lock
, and then selecting Job tab.

Job Storage (e-MPS)

Job storage (e-MPS) offers a set of options for saving print jobs in printing
system memory, so that you can print or reprint them later. Print jobs can easily
be reprinted later using the printing system’s operation panel, and printing of
sensitive documents can be restricted to approved users.

This feature is a multitier solution that provides advanced print management,
directly from the desktop. By storing a job in the printing system, you can print it
from the operation panel without sending it again from the computer.

To use the Job storage (e-MPS) features, you can set a user name in the User
dialog box, available in Device Settings. If you do not set a user
name, the Windows login user name is the default.