Installing with express install, Installing with express install -3 – Kyocera Ecosys m2040dn User Manual

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Printer Driver


Installing with Express Install


Ensure that your printing system and computer are turned on and connected by
USB or network cable.


In Express Install, the installer looks for your printing system. Each discovered
device is displayed in the device list as an icon with a model name and port

If your device is discovered, select your model in the device list.

If discovery does not find your device, remove and reinsert the USB or network
cable, and ensure that it is connected properly. Click the circular arrow icon to
refresh the discovery.


You can also find a device by typing a partial or full search term in the search
text box above the device list. You can search the discovered devices by model
name, IP address, or USB port. The results are displayed in the device list. If the
search finds your device, select it. Click the x icon to clear the text box, and
return to the list of all discovered devices.


You can select Use host name as port name to use a host name for the
Standard TCP/IP port. (Not available with a USB connection.)


The installer automatically selects all the features in the feature list. You can
select or clear any check box for individual features.


Review your settings. At least one device and one feature must be selected to
enable the Install button. If your settings are correct, click Install.


When the installation completes successfully, on the Finished page you can
select from the following options. These options only appear after a printer
driver installation.

Print a test page

Select the check box to test the connection and operation of the printing system.
If the installation is successful, the Windows Printer Test Page, containing your
computer name and information on your printer driver and port settings, prints at
the newly installed printing system.

Device Settings

Select the check box to open Device Settings where you can choose installed
options for your printing system. (The Device Settings check box appears only
in Windows XP with a network connection.)

Set Duplex as default

After installation is successful, depending on your country, Set Duplex as
appears and is selected on the Finished page. The driver is set to a
default duplex mode. Exceptions to the default can be made afterward by
selecting options in the driver Quick Print or Basic tabs.

Enable event notification

Select the check box to enable event notification in the Status Monitor
dialog box. The Status Monitor Notification dialog box appears
after clicking Status Monitor on the Advanced tab.

Show Quick Print tab